Lie-Nielsen Bevel Edge Chisels


Lie-Nielsen chisels are based on the discontinued Stanley 750 bevel edge socket chisels. The bevel is flat ground at 30 degrees, the face/back is ground flat the length of the blade. A higher secondary bevel (5 degrees or more) is usually added to the cutting edge of the 30, depending on wood and use. The chisels are beautifully made, the Honing Guide they sell is an example of top-notch design and machining. If you don't care about such things, then I guess you just don't care. Blue Spruce Toolworks also makes amazing chisels that are probably some of the finest available. Those may be “too amazing” for the likes of me.

chisel note 3


Sharpening is still a mystery and most develop their own voodoo practices. I use Waterstones (Ohishi) and a DMT lapping plate to keep them flat. The honing angle setting (Honing Guide) is based on the distance the blade projects from the front edge of the honing guide, 1-5/32 inch = 30 degrees, 7/8 inch = 35 degrees and so on. Some build a gauge/fixture for quickly setting the blade distance. I’ve found it more efficient (and maybe more accurate) to just use a good machinist’s rule. The secondary bevel angles, final stropping on leather strop/compound, etc. are all rituals that can be experimented with and personalized.


chisel angles


The 1-1/2 is quite a bit larger! These chisels are A2 tool steel, hardened to Rockwell 60-62. The handles are Hornbeam except for the larger 1-1/2 which is made from infused Maple. LN has (right now anyway) a few on their website made from O-1 tool steel.


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