Starrett Factory


Athol, Massachusetts, USA

starrett factory

Taking a tour of the Starrett Factory in Athol is an experience well worth the trip. Be prepared to walk and climb a good number of stairs in the old factory.


Pictures were not allowed in the factory (for us anyway). Below are a few images from L.S. Starrett's office. Love the belts running across the ceiling.

big wheel






The L.S. Starrett Company, founded in 1880, manufactures Precision Tools, Gages, Measuring Instruments and Saw Blades for industrial, professional and consumer markets worldwide.

Starrett, a leader who has set the standard for fine precision tools in industry for over 130 years, has rightfully earned the title, "World's Greatest Toolmakers".

The L. S. Starrett Company
121 Crescent Street
Athol, MA 01331 U.S.A.
Telephone: (978) 249-3551
Main Fax: (978) 249-8495