Timing Gear Cover - Chapter 5

Submitted by bill on Sat, 12/21/2019 - 18:37

August 17, 2019

Finding a  lock washer (discontinued at Toyota) for the big claw nut is awkward. Marks Off Road (In LA) lists 030-03 Locktab washer but has a $100 minimum on the website. SOR (Spector OFF Road), is UPS $15 to get a $13 washer. Any other sources out there I have not found.




SOR washer


My manuals show a torque of 116-145 on the crank nut. I think I've read somewhere of going higher? My old Craftsman wrench only goes to 150, so I tried for 150, hopefully that's good enough. Put together a quick/dirty SST for holding the pulley. My pulley is a little woofed-up from the PO but this seemed to hold it without creating any additional damage. Please don't critique those welds, I said quick/dirty. Banged all the lock tabs down on the nut, some guys only do a few according to alignment?

special tool for crankshaft nut


crank nut 2


Back together/running except for timing and hot valve adjustment. No fresh oil on the floor yet .

clean floor


Another custom FJ40 SST for engine rotation while adjusting the valves - beats trying to roll the truck in gear, etc.

special rotation tool



Timing set and valves adjusted hot now. Touch wood everything sounds good/strong so far. And at this point still no oil on the floor!

valve adj