Windshield Washer

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Windshield Washer motor replacement from Toyota

Ordered a new windshield washer motor but now wondering if it will be the right one - what I just took off doesn't look like the diagram from Toyota. The PO also had installed (also not working) what I guess is after-market, the little black guy in the photo.


washer top

washer top 4


New windshield washer motor came in and it looks like a spot on replacement. 

new washer


I have the original wires but not the connecter. How do I tell which connection the LY wire goes to, the A or B tab - no marking on the old or the new motor? 


wire 1

wire 2

On the original plug, the LY wire goes to "A" and the L wire goes to "B".

wire 3


Sorta works I guess.

sorta works