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Work on the "removable" Hardtop

Cleaning up the base areas on my hardtop sides where they meet the tub. Look like they're in pretty good shape. Probably prep and hit with with a little EP.


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Some surface rust on the rear cross brace mount.


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September 07, 2013

Ripped out all the PO's weird vinyl headliner material - PITA. Found a few more petrified wasp bodies

Had one larger and a few smaller places where the glass pulled off the foam. Going to pick up a small Evercoat repair kit or something like it and try to patch these. Also have one spot/crack on the outside gelcoat that I'll try to fix. May hold off on a headliner for a while - lots of indecision on how to go. Maybe that SOR thicker aftermarket one at some point. Funny and as mentioned earlier, all the rust on this 40 has been for the most part on the driver side and the top is no different. Overall seems to be in pretty good shape.


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Cleaning up the off-white steel rail on my hardtop. Did some searching trying to get a handle on the stock color. My outside gel coat and the rail seemed to be the same, aged off-white color. Had my local paint guy camera shoot a clean area on the top (riveted steel visor) and mix up a small amount of Omni which seems to be a close match (over gray EP) to what was there. Looks right, kind of reminds me of the off-white that was stock on my old 80 pickup. Might use this color on the bezel too. 

Haven't been able to locate the 7 solid alum rivets to reinstall the visor, short of buying a 250 qty on Amazon.


off white paint


paint details


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