Spare Tire Carrier

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Spare Tire Carrier rebuild

Two "big-bump" noise points getting fixed - new nylon bushing, etc. for hood and tire carrier. OME nylon bushing, hardware, etc. for tire carrier on order from Toyota. I used front door type bushings for hood hinges - tight fit but no more jumping around/noise on the hood.

bump 1


bump 2


bump 3


Still couldn't get a few parts from Toyota I wanted (red circles diagram below). I need to locate some good neoprene type material to make up parts like 51907B. Used some thin (too thin) gasket stuff for a temporary setup earlier.


carrier part 1

carrier part 2


Went to reassemble the spare carrier and realized Toyota had delivered 2 nylon bushings that fit and 2 that were a completely different size. Ordered 2 more but looking at the fit with the stock nylon the bottom mount still seemed sloppy, even with the new nylon. And the shafts were worn a bit from the old broken-down nylon and the mount banging around. 

Found some 5/8 ID x 3/4 OD x 3/4 long bronze bushings at Ace ($4.50 ea.). These are Oil Impregnated Bearings, also referred to as "Self Lubricating" or "Sintered" Bronze Bushings, I think that's what these are - no one at the hardware store really knew what/where they were. Cleaned everything up and cut the 2 bottom bushings shorter and it all went together with a nice press fit. Seems solid - time will tell I guess. The big silver washers are OEM.

Edit: Note this (thicker lip than the nylon bushing) throws the rack location up about .050 inch but everything else seems to line up well enough.


tire 1


tire 2


tire 3


I ordered 2 ea 90386-20002 (image #2) and 2 ea 90386-16004 (image #1). The -20002 had larger diameters that didn't work - the upper/lower shafts are the same diameter on my tire carrier.
Is there a bushing that goes on the hard-top post area? I see a spacer (image #3 - 6583...) on my diagram but it doesn't look like a bushing?


bushing debate


stay bronze