Rear Floor

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April 19, 2009

Getting ready to lock down the tub to replaced sill with new body mounts before I do any more cutting around the front bed support area.

New OEM parts from Toyota - they seem to be a good match on dims but are missing the radius the original (I'm guessing) mounts had.

They look like they'll work to replace the mounts (2) at the front bed area too so more on order.


body mounts


body mount 2


With the sill area now locked down - getting ready to weld up the front bed area.

Rough cut and rough fit. I'm thinking I'll weld the support and cover piece together first and then weld the whole structure in to place. Still thinking about the clamping process - may drill a few .250 holes to get clamps in place.


rough cut


new old


rough fit


Going to try to use the old heat-shield brackets on the new replacement channel.

Body mount areas/frame seem to be in good shape.


heat shield


body mounts

I'm just trying to match stock or go a little thicker (never thinner). 

Using 18GA (post #126) on most, 16GA on floor and 14GA on the sill sub-structure and floor "body mount" support (front area of floor).


Floor support sandwich welded together and then welded into the tub. Lots of finish work to do - thinking of picking up a die-grinder to try to help the process. But with the lights/muffler back on it could be on the road again at this point.


sand 1

sand 2


life grind


February 14, 2011

Thinking about some patchwork for the rear bed. Some areas are relatively free of rust but a few places could really stand a patch. Welded a few holes up and everything looks good from below. Might approach Kevin about making a larger “bed patch” or a few smaller ones – not sure how hard that would be to bend up and keep dimensions accurate enough to blend the welds where they butt at the radius.


rear deck


bed 1


Decided in my usual, irrational, unorthodox (backward?) way to weld up all the nooks and crannies in my bed in place of patching. Some burning old paint spattering out of the pot holes as they're welded up and a good amount of cleanup grinding involved. Tried to chemical strip as much old paint first but I’d still like to find a better abrasive since blasting is not an available alternative right now. None of the abrasive discs, etc. I’m using really seem to get in the small areas that well. May need to just wait until I can get light sandblast here and there to really make sure the rust is out. I’m looking at Scotch-Brite™ Roloc™ Bristle Disc, 2 inch, Coarse grade, 07524 from 3M never used them before.