Knuckles - Chapter 2

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Funny, my old manual (original printing, copyright 1978) which I had opened for some reason, shows the torque 43-54.3 ft-lb. Looked in my Toyota reprint (which has a 1980 copyright but is probably a combo of publications) and it shows 62-79 ft-lb? Also strange (or not considering torque), the preload is different - old manual 3.9-5.0 lb, reprint 4.0-8.4 lb)? So... I'll be increasing it to something...

On a side note, an old friend of mine always said a used lock washer is like no lock washer. So new lock washers from Toyota might also be a consideration if really worried about these nuts staying in place? I've got the old ones back on right now...


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knuckle stew


Wasn't planning on using any RTV, etc. on gaskets for reassembly, but this surface that closes off the moly (wheel bearing spindle) had some black rubber sealant on the gasket, and it looks like factory?


Axles back in - no RTV on anything (paper gaskets, etc.). Got a piece of 5/8 x 7 for a short/heavier drift and a longer 1/2 x 10 piece (both brass). The 5/8 seems perfect for driving the wheel bearing races, just need a bigger hammer, 12 oz seems too light.


Hey - this is a knuckle rebuild project - not a brake job.

One of the first things I checked was the rotor thickness. Driver's side was within spec (.755) and passenger side was way under (.728). I would think some "brake guy" did a half-donkey turn job at some point in the past. I replaced the brake master (Toyota stock) on the truck when I got it and the brakes have been pretty good - even recently with the passenger side pads soaked in gear oil and grease. Toyota has the rotors and Kiwidog pointed me to Mountain brand rotors on Amazon he says are the same. But right now the whole brake thing seems like a snowball. If I change the rotors now I'll want new pads and then I'll start thinking about a rebuild on the calipers, etc. So for now I think I'll run all the same stuff and do a complete brake thing at some point down the road. I do need to replace the worn and original 78 rubber brake lines to the calipers soon.

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