Ambulance Door Repair - Chapter 2

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Few more issues with my "good" door.


good door 1


good door 2


good door 3


Good amount of work on this piece (bad door) but the fit is good and solid. Lots of overall shrinking, etc. in the welding process. Looks rough here with that white patina - again some metal etch stuff (from the POR people) but a little filler and paint should help once everything is welded together. Need to remember to put in the drain holes.

Showed the sand blaster guy the doors today and we decided blasting was not needed and wouldn't get to some areas anyway - short of pulling the entire skins apart. So I'll wire brush what I can get to, treat with more metal etch and brush a little POR15 into seams and inside areas that have have some surface rust showing. Next I'll epoxy primer what the gun can reach inside before welding everything back together. Lots of original primer/metal left in the "good" door.


final box

good door 4


good door 5

Outside patch with fold. Bottom patch with radius lip.

My door-skin hammer has finally paid for itself. Although I like the wooden handles ...


outside patch


outside patch 2


bottom patch


Funny how much shrinking can be done with just a really small torch and no messy wet rags.  

Getting ready to spray some EP "inside" so the doors can go back together.


oil can 1


oil can 2


EP wet dreams - may give this stuff a week to cure before welding.


ep inside


ep inside 2


ep inside 3


Some door stuff going back together.


door together


Custom picks to reach some small dings. Grinding to finish up and I should be ready for some filler.


door strip 1


door strip 2


door strip 3


door paint 1


door paint 2


door paint 3


Ordered new rubber for the ambulance doors. Funny the detail Toyota puts in these OEM parts, more or less a perfect fit. Look at that little hang-over sealing tab, not that it will last that long with the doors banging around but still kind of cool they make the effort. A little confusion at first on the part numbers as they've changed. Still debating on new rubber for the windows.

rubber 1


rubber 2


rubber 3