New camera bag!

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new bag

I think I've found/make-shifted what could be the best to date (for me anyway), small camera backpack. Stuck an old Billingham @billinghambags insert into my 21L @GORUCK GR1 and it seems perfect for a full-size body and 2-3 heavy primes. Holds all kinds of additional stuff too. And the build quality on the little GR1 is so good it can handle anything I'm able to carry. The more weight the better it feels. Works well with the body broken down or for quick access with lens attached. Throw a few wraps in and the equipment list can grow. And the simple, clean "bucket design" of the pack allows for just about any setup with additional Dopp pouches, etc. Carried it around the Sierra Nevada last week, tweaked it a little and it just got better day after day. Used the Billingham for 3 backup lenses and additional gear. 


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