Center Arm Rebuild

Center arm rebuild and adjustment:

The center arm can have a profound effect on handling ...

On my 78 FJ40, it seems the PO did a rebuild at some point and left a broken sleeve tab buried in the old grease, apparently not cleaning things up and re-greasing before reassembly? This is a precision ground setup with closely mated surfaces doing their thing, so a broken piece of steel floating around is of course not a good thing.

It's important to note that the final adjustment on the assembled, road-ready center arm is somewhat critical. Too tight and the front wheels can't find their own track or can remain locked in a turn. It's probably best to move carefully, set at the FSM spec and evaluate the health of all steering components in the process.

center arm parts

My 78 had this old piece of broken tab hidden down in the grease and preventing proper adjustment of the top screw ...


adjustment 1

Wear in the sleeve for the shaft... Tab is pushed into cavity in housing to prevent rotation of the sleeve bushing.


shaft spline

The shaft spline area ...


center arm parts

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