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Kano Kroil Can

Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil, 8 oz. liquid
Kano Kroil at Amazon

Tap Magic Can

Tap Magic - Highly effective for drilling, tapping, milling on all metals.
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Special Tools


can be helpful in hard to reach areas. I'm using this Milwaukee for grinding welds and getting into tight places.


Dolly 1057

Bandfile (Milwaukee 6101)

Works well but a learning process. Keep it moving or otherwise the nose will grind a nice little radius in one spot. Researched the Dynabrade 40320 (an air tool) but it comes at a greater cost and I'm not sure my toy compressor would handle it. No variable speed on this guy so time will tell how well it works out. I'm using 60 grit belts from Milwaukee for grinding weld material and going through a few belts in the process. Also the little guide pads are wearing out so replacements may also be a common thing.

Like most power tools this one can do a lot of damage without consideration for the learning curve - remember to keep moving.

Milwaukee Band Files on Amazon


Replacement Belts

Milwaukee 49-93-8115 1/2 by 18-Inch Aluminum Oxide 60-Grit Belt, 10-pack by Milwaukee
Belts, 60-Grit Pack on Amazon

Milwaukee 49-93-8120 1/2 by 18-Inch Aluminum Oxide Assortment (60, 80, 120, 180 and 240 Grit), 10-pack by Milwaukee
Milwaukee Belt Assortment on Amazon

Snap-on socket screwdrivers

This socket head screwdriver was the only way I managed to loosen a tight lock nut/adjustment screw on the hard-to-reach stock manual steering box. The standard offset screwdriver's blades were too small and access was too limited for anything else.

snap-on socket screwdriver

Snap-on - CJ119B

Snap-on calls this "Puller, Pitman Arm (Domestic Cars/Light Trucks) stock#: CJ119B. Some people say they can still break these. I guess one can break anything, but this is a good puller. I think they make a smaller version too. A little pricy but it works.

snap-on puller

Snap-on - CJ119B (link to Snap-on website)


OTC 8150 Conical Pitman Arm Puller

Amazon lists a OTC 8150 Conical Pitman Arm Puller which seems similar and costs less than the Snap-on above. I've never used it but it seems to have good reviews.
OTC puller
OTC 8150 Conical Pitman Arm Puller on Amazon


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