Martin Spoons

Light Dinging Spoon To ding ridges smooth and level. When held against ridge and struck with hammer, spreads blow over large area making smooth job and preventing damage to metal or finish. Not made for prying. Length 10" overall. Face 2" × 45⁄16". Weight .50 lbs. 1036
Martin Spoon 1036

Combination Spoon General purpose fender spoon. Used as dolly behind brackets, inner panels and similar places. Handle offset to give balance when dinging and for long reach. Has high-crown working surface. Face 1 3⁄4" × 5 1⁄2". Handle 1" octagon 43⁄4" long. Weight 3.0 lbs. 1050 4
Martin Spoon 1050

Spoon Dolly Long handle permits many uses in places otherwise inaccessible. Can be driven between reinforcements and outer panel, then used to pry outward as the metal is dinged. Excellent forming and caulking tool for the deep pockets of doors, quarterpanels, rear fenders and lower trunk panels. Size 2 1⁄2" × 1" × 3". Weight 4.2 lbs. 1052 1
Martin Spoon 1052

Long Curved Spoon Long, thin, curved blade is handy for prying up dents behind curved reinforcements in header panels, hinge anchors in doors, body pillars and reinforcements in hoods and radiator shells. Length 101⁄2" overall. Face 2" × 7". Weight 1.5 lbs. 1054
Martin Spoon 1054

Wing-Ding Spoon Dolly The answer to repair problems on high fins. A dolly, a spoon, a pry. Long handle and special contours for working up inside cramped fins. Wide spoon transmits hammer blows over wide area without damaging finish. 1" handle diameter, 19" overall length. Weight 4.5 lbs. 1056 1
Martin Spoon 1056

Heavy Duty Driving And Fender Bending TooL Useful for restoration of turned under, n on-wired flanged edges. Also handy for alignment of inner construction and flanges on alligator hoods. Heavy formed striking pads. Length 141⁄8". Weight 3.2 lbs. 1091 1
Martin Tool 1091

Caulking Iron Excellent precision made wire caulking iron. Polished working surfaces are rounded for use on inside moldings. Face 1 3⁄4" × 1". Overall length 11". Weight 1.4 lbs. 1096C
Martin Caulking Iron 1096C

Medium Crown Spoon Long slender shape just like the 1024 surfacing spoon. Inside with medium crown, for high ridges or prying. For slapping and surface finishing on fenders, panels and trunk lids. Blade fully polished. 9" Blade Length. 21⁄8" Width. Overall Length 147⁄8". Weight 2.5 lbs. 1026 1
Martin Spoon 1026

Surfacing Spoon Excellent spoon for fender spring hammering, finishing and shaping. Curve gets behind inner construction between panels that are close for removal of dents. Molds panels. Blade fully polished. 9” Blade Length. 21⁄8" Width. Overall Length 15 1⁄8". Weight 2.5 lbs. 1024
Martin Spoon 1024

Heavy Duty Double End S-Spoon General purpose fender and frame spoon. Designed to provide further reach on panels and behind reinforcements. Prying, heavy duty designed for use on SUV frames. 123⁄16" Length. 1 3⁄8" X 21⁄4" Face. Weight 2.1 lbs. 1044
Martin Spoon 1044

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