Kano Kroil Can

Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil, 8 oz. liquid
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Tap Magic Can

Tap Magic - Highly effective for drilling, tapping, milling on all metals.
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Clamp & Vise

DE-STA-CO Squeeze Action

These things are great for any number of tasks. They work really well “one-handed”. Supplied with release lever for easy opening, with one hex head adjustment spindle and one swivel foot spindle in the jaws.

DE-STA-CO Squeeze Action clamp
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Image is the DE-STA-CO 484 clamp, one of many.
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Kurt Anglock vise

The original Kurt Anglock vises are designed for precision part clamping on basic machine tools such as knee-type mills, grinders and machining centers. D-Series vises are ideal for use in running production parts where datums, flatness and parallelism is important. You can precision bore, tap, drill, grind and finish with high accuracy on most parts made of die cast aluminum, steel, and iron in your Kurt Anglock vises. No other brand can give you the time proven accuracy of the Kurt Anglock vises. All Kurt vises have a friction reducing, needle bearing, thrust collar. The needle bearing increases jaw clamping pressure.

Kurt Vise
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Kurt, the industry leader in precision work holding solutions.
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Kant Twist Clamps

Clamp Manufacturing Inc. is a family owned business that was established in 1973. Their unique products are made in the USA with quality that you can depend on. These clamps have proven particularly useful for metalworking, welding, assembly, and manufacturing.

Kant Twist clamp
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These Kant Twist clamps come in a number of sizes and are (much like the DE-STA-CO above) unique in their own way.
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