Quarter Panel Seam Repair (page 1 of 2)

Seam repair intro:

Rows of what look like rivets or spot-welds on FJ40 quarter panels above the rear wheels are usually a sign of seam corrosion. My 78 had “dimples” above the rear wheels on both sides in the area that joins the inside fender to the quarter panel.

This is a common blight in these old vehicles, along with the rear sill and quarter’s lower “bracket” areas (see green truck photo below). In most cases, it seems to begin inside the cabin/seam, and slowly eats it’s way to the exterior surface.

What follows below, is my attempt to “repair” this area without replacing entire body panels with after-market panel replacements. Most of these panels are no longer available from Toyota.

Inside SeamPassenger side seam

My 78’s passenger-side panel, also showing what looks like rub from oversize tires at some point in the past.


New England FJ40

This New England 77 has newer paint (questionable paint job quality) that was put over older factory paint and rust. Not only the fender seams but the sill area and front lower quarter-bracket are rusting through and are probably not pretty on the inside. When I first saw this 40 it looked good, a year later (this photo) shows trouble under that new paint. Now, another year later, after sitting outside more or less undriven and in the Northeast weather, the sill and other areas have large holes and patches of the sub-par body repair/paint job are peeling off.


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