FJ40 Front Door

September 17, 2012

Trial fit-up on runner channel to welded hole mounting area. Top of channel (2nd photo) sides into upper window run channel and will get a new rubber insert.

bracket fit 1
bracket fit 2


Like most things on this truck, the left side of the vehicle (driver) seems to have suffered the most. And of course, the driver's door has been slammed quite a bit over a 33-year lifespan. Also the driver's door lock area received minor damage at some point, and the PO attempted a makeshift repair. Looks like something hit the door handle and lock. The PO pulled the inside door panel and tried to push everything back out. Apparently the lower rear glass guide and its support bracket and bolt were ripped out in the process, both are missing in action. A rough torn hole was left where the bolt originally met the bracket (see diagram/white circle in photo 2).

door diagram
driver's door

A closer look inside and it appears the PO actually chopped out part of the lower track-channel (where the glass runs) probably to reach the damage area. Add more damage to the damage I guess. Also have a small rusted through area on the lower part of the outside driver's door, but in general they look remarkably good, what seems to be original foam pieces, shiny cad plated bolts, etc. The doors look like they've never been removed from the truck. Once I cleaned out all the old leaves and whatever else in the door bottoms I was able to evaluate the lower door seams for repair.


passengers door

That black glop (it's soft, sticky and even looks runny) seems to be the original factory adhesive for the plastic vapor liner. I think that the passenger door vapor plastic is original and seems to use the same black adhesive? It crumbles at touch and will need to be replaced. Acetone won't touch the black adhesive but mineral spirits easily removes it.


door ding

Some old taped-off PO primer on the PO makeshift repair.


good bolt

Note the lower bolt that holds the inside glass track on the driver's side is gone, as is the inside lower part of the track. This hole/bolt on the passenger side also seems to show a few cracks around the edges. Not sure how much pressure is on this area, but the door sheet metal seems thinner and more work-hardened, probably due to the factory die press and tight location?


hole fix

The window guide/bracket hole on the driver's side in - process. The small hole waiting for weld on the right side is backed up with a small 18 GA disc - see the home made weld-plug tool holding it in place in the tool section.


The door panels are sort of ok but warped a bit and have speaker holes cut by the PO. I think only the newer (gray in color, 79 on) are still available from Toyota at this point in time.


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