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The FJ40 toolbox - notes on FJ40 Land Cruisers

78 Toyota brochure

In the late 1950's, Toyota postioned their "Jeep-like" Land Cruiser to establish a foot-hold/entry point to the US, while a new car was developed for the American market.

1979 (Jan 79 - )
A major transition from older models, including moving the gas tank from under the passenger seat to outside the cab, although there seem to be many smaller "transitional" features from 78 to 79.

The traditional rounded bezel changes to a "rectangle" with small radius at the corners (the 79 brochure cover still shows the older style bezel). This may have been to satisfy federal requirements for greater distance between headlights.

The first use of a catalytic converter and of course other changes to emissions.

The emergency brake is moved from under the dash to the floor (transmission hump). Some OEM replacement floor mats have an outlined brake handle area that is not cut out - a possible check for an older than 79 original floor mat?

The engine block is machined for power steering.

The steering knuckles change.

The rear sill support structure changes (the newer version seems just as susceptible to corrosion - maybe more so) and has two plugs.

The rear ambulance doors get a radius on the bottom, outside corners, with a radius on the tub to match.

All models lose the notch in rear wheel cover support brackets.

Drive gear ratios changed to 3:73 in the US - road friendlier?


1978 (Nov 77 - Dec 78)
Some models lose the notch in rear wheel cover support brackets.
Toyota sells 8,858 Land Cruisers in the US.


January 76 gets 3-point seat belts.


1975 (Jan 75 - Aug 75) 1976
The 3.9 liter 6-cylinder OHV 1F engine is replaced by the 4.2 liter, 125 hp 2F.

Front power assisted disk brakes are added for the first time. Ambulance doors added to the back of hardtops in the US. 

Rear vent windows added to the hardtop.

Tire carrier on left side.

75 Toyota brochure


"Late" F engine, right before the move to the new 2F.

Roll bar from the factory added in US.

New tail lights


Bucket seats without "under the driver" toolbox begin


72 Toyota brochure


70 Toyota brochure

69 Toyota brochure

68 Toyota brochure


65 Toyota brochure


The FJ45 pickup arrives.

62 Toyota brochure

61 Toyota brochure

The older FJ25 becomes the 40 series.
There are 162 Land Cruisers sold in the US.

60 Toyota brochure


Toyota sells 61 Land Cruisers in the US.

59 Toyota brochure


Introduction of the FJ25 to the US.
Toyota sells 1 Land Cruiser in the US.

58 Toyota brochure







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